Meet Joshua Grasso

Joshua Grasso | Storyteller

Photographer and diaper changing ninja. I once had a dream that I got rich and famous for being the guy that took all the cat photos on the internet. But really I’m all about photos that tell get ya in the feels.

I’m Joshua and I love telling stories. My favorite stories to tell are love stories, and It doesn’t matter what kind. It started when I was capturing stories as a photojournalist and it grew when I started photographing weddings.

I want to give you the gift of experiencing the joy and reliving the emotions you felt on your wedding day, together as a family, and as a husband and wife for the first time. I want to show you the tears a bride sheds when reading a love letter from her groom, the love a mother has in her eyes when she sees her daughter as a bride, the pride a father has when he sees his baby girl all grown up, and when the groom’s jaw drops when he sees his bride walk down the aisle… I want to show the story of how a couple crazy kids fell in love and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. I want my photographs to help you feel the crazy amount of love you felt that day, and relive some of the magic that was there too. There are lots of beautiful stories to tell on your wedding day and I’d love a chance to be the one to tell those stories for you.

Joshua Grasso | The Human

I am a dad, husband, and photographer in that order. Those three things make me the happiest, and my favorite new hobby is to use my photography skills to document my daughter growing up and all the fun sweet moments she has with my wife. I cherish every minute with those two and although I have huge goals for success as a photographer, every time I make my wife or baby girl laugh I feel successful enough. Sometimes I feel like becoming a successful photographer is a crazy dream, but I remember I want my daughter to chase hers someday and it makes me not want to give up.

About my wife and I

My wife and I are high school sweethearts who have been in love ever since we saw each other in the gym at Southgate Anderson High School. She followed me to Michigan State and then all the way to Georgia. No matter where I go or whatever crazy journey I’ve been on, I can always count on her being by my side. There’s nothing better than having that loyal sidekick who always believes in you and is just happy to be in your arms. I think a part of why I love photographing weddings so much is because I feel joy every time I see couples that just seem to love each other like we do.
Part of having a successful experience with your photographer is whether or not you click with their personality. I try to help you have a good time so that you look relaxed and at your best. Here’s a few very serious things to consider about me to see if you think we’d click.

Fun Facts About Me

I don’t like scary movies.
I’ve been known to drop it like its hot.

Some of my favorite tv shows are Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, and Bloodline. And my mother in law is very concerned that all of the shows I watch are about drug dealers, murderers, and kingpins. But I’m the nicest guy ever, I swear.

I think potatoes are gross unless they are french fries…then they are magically delicious.

I grew up in Detroit but I moved to the south as soon as I could (I FREAKIN LOVE IT HERE). I have officially adopted the Falcons (I mean seriously I grew up a Lions fan, that was an easy trade) and the braves, but not sweet tea (gross) But I still love my Spartans (Izzo for President).

I once thought of trying to be a stand-up comedian, but I couldn’t come up with any jokes so I got back into photography instead.

I was a Science Teacher for 11 years and have been known to randomly get excited about explaining things. I may or may not have spent an entire road trip explaining to my wife about Clouds. Gotta love them beautiful Cumulus Nimbus.


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