Joshua Grasso

I’m Joshua and I love telling stories. My favorite stories to tell are love stories, and It doesn’t matter what kind. It started when I was capturing stories as a photojournalist and it grew when I started photographing weddings. I want to give you the gift of experiencing the joy and reliving the emotions you felt on your wedding day, together as a family, and as a husband and wife for the first time. I want to show you the tears a bride sheds when reading a love letter from her groom, the love a mother has in her eyes when she sees her daughter as a bride, the pride a father has when he sees his baby girl all grown up, and when the groom’s jaw drops when he sees his bride walk down the aisle… I want to show the story of how a couple crazy kids fell in love and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. I want my photographs to help you feel the crazy amount of love you felt that day, and relive some of the magic that was there too. There are lots of beautiful stories to tell on your wedding day and I’d love a chance to be the one to tell those stories for you.

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