Learn To See - A Beginner Photography Course

Learn To See. Anybody. Any Camera.

Beginners guide to being a much better photographer. Online cell phone photography course with Q&A

Stuck inside going crazy with nothing to do? Want to help give back to local small businesses who might be struggling while getting to learn something fun?

Learn Photography With Joshua! 

Award winning professional photographer with 12 years of teaching experience. This course is designed to make you walk away knowing how to immediately grab your phone and take better photographs. Take advantage of all this quarantine time by photographing everyday moments with your friends and family and making beautiful photographs that you will cherish and be proud to hang on your wall. 

The course is appropriate for kids and adults. All concepts taught will be applicable with a phone or camera. 

Topics Covered

How to tell a story in your images

Learning to see everyday moments in their photographic potential. 

Kowing where to put the camera

How to make studio-quality images in your house. No equipment

Basic tips for creating easy great portraits. No equipment

Why so many of your cell phone photos and selfies look so bad and how to fix it. 

How to find good light inside your house or outside

How to capture candid Lifestyle portraits

Basic phone camera manipulation

Different composition techniques that turn boring photos into aesthetically pleasing ones

 I’ll even give you tips on sexier selfies

What you get

The course will be held live thursday march 26th at 7pm with participant Q&A

Downloadable video replay of the course if you can’t attend live or want to rewatch it. Downloadable slides for notes

Discount on future courses.

A chance to win a giftcard to a small business of your choice!

The presentation should have about 1 hour of teaching plus q&a time.

Help Our Community

My and many other businesses were closed overnight by this health emergency. Buying gift cards to local small businesses are a great way to give back and help them have income they wouldn’t already have while still getting to enjoy their business later. So for every 25 signups, I will raffle away a $50 giftcard to a small business of your choice.