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Because They Grow Up Too Fast
Joshua's Family Storyteller Photography Style

I believe family portraits are a memento of your legacy as  a family. As my daughters have gone from babies to young girls in the blink of an eye, I’ve gained an appreciation for the importance of capturing your family life together in photographs. Life is full of memories that deserve to be cherished and when I am at a session with you my goal is not just to capture that classic family portrait for the mantle, but to also capture a little of your child’s silly personality, and the love you all have in your hearts for each other.

When your kids are driving and off to college your going to miss the days when they were small. My job is to help you remember those days. Capture your family as it is now because they grow up too fast.

Classic Family Portraits

This is the type of family photograph that most client initially want. It’s classic and timeless. A beautiful portrait of everyone smiling looking at the camera. This is the type of photo grandma likes to hang over the mantle. My goal of every session including lifestyle sessions is to get an heirloom portrait of your family frozen in time forever.

Candid "Personality" Portraits

When the objective of getting the classic portrait is reached, or in between setups, I keep the camera up because often the kids like to show their personality. They often don’t have much of an attention span for staring at the camera for long so I like to get them to play.

The goal here is to capture their personalities and their joy. Clients come for the traditional portrait but they are most excited about those authentic candid moments where I get their child’s personality on film.


Family Lifestyle or Documentary Portraits

These are the sessions I dream about. Clients don’t usually know it’s a thing, but to me it is the best form of family photography. This is where we capture who you are and how much you love each other.

A lifestyle or  documentary session is where we start with a traditional family photo but then spend the rest of the time capturing you guys hanging out together naturally (documentary), or doing a fun activity together (lifestyle) .

These are meant to be fun and real. These are the ones I believe you will truly cherish because when your kids are grown and  you miss the days when they are small, you will be able to look back and relive who they were and how you loved them.


Family Portrait Portfolio

View some of my favorite family photos for inspiration and to see if you like my style.

Session Types
buford family photos
Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions are limited and happen 1-2 times a year. They are shorter, more affordable, sessions, made for capturing a few classic portraits for your family.  Sessions are on select dates at predetermined locations.

Contact us to be put on the mailing list for when mini sessions are announced.

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Classic Sessions

The most popular session typically. Sessions can be 30 minutes from buford for the standard rate and can be at a location you chose. Your family gets 45 minutes to an hour of trying to capture a few different classic portraits with some wiggle room for getting some natural candid’s mixed in.

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Documentary or Lifestyle Sessions

These sessions are longer than your traditional session giving us time for some classic portraits as well as time to capture authentic moments. I can capture you in your home living your life or we can go to the park and get ice cream. The goal is to keep it fun and real.

Sample Sessions
About Joshua

I am a dad, husband, and photographer in that order. Those three things make me the happiest, and my favorite new hobby is to use my photography skills to document my daughter growing up and all the fun sweet moments she has with my wife. I cherish every minute with those two and although I have huge goals for success as a photographer, every time I make my wife or baby girl laugh I feel successful enough. Sometimes I feel like becoming a successful photographer is a crazy dream, but I remember I want my daughters to chase theirs someday and it makes me not want to give up.


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Mini Sessions are 195

Standard Sessions are 395

Documentary Sessions 495