Senior Portraits

We do our senior portraits on location because location shoots are “the crap”, but we do offer studio headshots and yearbook style portraits. We use the latest in glamour posing for girls and guys. Girls, we will make you hip and beautiful like a model and guys we make you look beautiful too. I mean… we make you look macho and awesome and help get you the ladies with your stunning good looks. We also will photograph you performing your favorite hobbies to capture unique one of a kind portraits that showcase who you are.

The Process
Step 1: Consultation

I’ll give you a call or we can meet in person to get to know each other, share horoscopes, and plan your shoot. This is where we pick out what kind of location will work for you as well as discuss concept shoots related to making awesome portraits of you and your hobbies.

Step 2: The Shoot

I apply my Ninja Photography skills, you get great portraits. Unlimited outfits and may take 1-2 hours depending on if we are doing concept shoots, knocked it out of the park right away, or if we are just having too awesome of a time to stop.

Step 3: The Show

You come to my presentation studio and we show you how much you rocked it in the shoot. You fall in love with the photos and buy some for everyone you know. Especially grandma because she loves her pookie bear.

Step 4: Fame

Someone in Hollywood sees your photos and you become a movie star. OK, maybe that part won’t happen, but hopefully if I have done my job you will have fun and feel like you’ve had a rock-star experience.

Our Portfolio

Our goal is to make your senior year memorable. Take a look at some of our unique and traditional portraits.


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