I met with Jordan and Kristen from Wedding Belles Wedding Planning this evening and I must say I was impressed with how well they understand what it takes to run a wedding day effectively. I was able to learn quite a bit from them on how to help brides have a successful wedding day from them. I am sure that any bride would be more than thrilled that they hired these ladies after their wedding goes flawlessly. They are really passionate about going the extra mile to provide excellent service for their clients and do some things that other planners do not. Even if you only hire them for day of event coordinating, they treat you like a full client and put time in with you well in advance so any wedding day issues have time to be fixed. Others just get the timeline a few days ahead of time from you without much time to ensure your day goes smoothly. If you are stressing about making sure your wedding goes off smoothly relax and hire a good planner such as these ladies from Wedding Belles. Site Here. Facebook Here.