Got to see some great folks that I havn’t seen in a few years and their new adorable baby Bryan VII.  I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding and I’m glad to have gotten the chance to do some family portraits as well!
FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914002 FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914003 FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914014 FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914022 FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914026 FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914026-2 FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914029 FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914033 FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914040 FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914044 FAM_Whitfield-BabyBryan_11914055

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