So last week the whole city of Atlanta shut down last week with a small snowstorm. Since I was stuck at home I decided to take advantage of the rare frozen participation and play with my lights. I have been editing lots of beautiful photos of other people and my wife gets jealous we don’t have any. So I set up the lights on a remote timer and ran back and forth to take some self portraits. Once I got it right I dragged her out from the warm blankets and promised her something fun. Luckily these turned out amazing and it was worth freezing for them! I definitely am a lucky photographer to have a gorgeous wife to model for me.  Photos got out of order so I apologize they are all over the place.

If you want to learn how I did it you can read my first flash instructional post here – It’s the first in my Flashcards series of lighting cards.

backlit snow portrait flash instruction lighting ideas amazing winter portrait with backlit snow couples portrait in the snow, joshua and sarah grasso IMG_3399-2

IMG_3463IMG_3385-lg IMG_3400lg IMG_3399 IMG_3380 backlit snow

Funny little outtake. Tried to light up some breath and it looks like a cartoon arrow lol










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