Sara and Jef’s beautiful wedding was at Callaway Gardens Lodge and Spa:

All I can say is wow. Sara and Jef were incredible to be around and their day was a joy to witness. This couple was just so happy, fun, and truly genuine. I loved how the whole day just celebrated who they are. From the homemade corsages made from the pages of the screenplay that Sara and Jef met in, to the crossing of the family swords at the ceremony, and later the throwing of the gauntlet instead of the garter. Everything about the day was about them and it was marvelous. Not to mention I think these two are poets. Every vow or speech was so warm and eloquent. My goal is always to capture your story and when I get a couple that just does things their way it is easy for me to do that. This wedding was such a fulfilling experience for me to be a part of and I’m so glad to have met and spent the day with these two. Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy


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