What a great wedding day at Kimball Hall it was for Cassidy and Morgan! Everyone from the moment the day started was laughing and smiling all the way until the end making it a piece of cake to photograph. They didn’t let a little (or a lot) of heat stop them from having a great time inside and out. And thankfully Kimball Hall had beautiful interiors as well as their gardens so we could get some great photos in the AC. It was the first wedding where they had the old Paris tradition of signing a lock and attaching it to a fence at the venue which I thought was pretty cool. The abundance of candid moments during this celebration was a testament to the genuine happiness that surrounded Cassidy and Morgan. Each click of my camera captured laughter shared between friends, heartfelt embraces between family members, and stolen glances filled with pure adoration. These candid snapshots became priceless treasures that will forever encapsulate the genuine joy that permeated throughout this special day.

They ended the night with an epic reception headlined by the  amazing Emeral Empire Band. And as always it was a luxury to Get to work with Emily of Marea Weddings and Events as she always does a great job coordinating and I get great photos when working with her.

Working alongside Emily from Marea Events was an absolute pleasure. Her meticulous attention to detail and impeccable coordination ensured that everything ran smoothly throughout the day. It was particularly special for me as Emily is not only a talented event planner but also part of Cassidy’s family. Seeing her effortlessly capture candid moments while juggling her role as both event planner and family member was truly inspiring.

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Kimball Hall Wedding

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Kimball Hall: Where History Meets Contemporary Charm

Nestled within Downtown Roswell stands Kimball Hall – a historic two-story Queen Anne house steeped in history dating back 150 years. But don’t be mistaken; this venue has undergone careful renovations to bring forth a bright and contemporary ambiance while still honoring its heritage. The clean lines of trendy wallpapers and the abundance of natural light make it an ideal setting for capturing stunning portraits inside.

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