Yes that’s right. FREE family portraits!

But first, let’s get the catch out of the way. They have to be FUN and or REAL.

Yep that’s it. And the first pick will be for friends and previous clients but friends of friends may get a shot if they have a great idea and or there’s spots left.

You will get one traditional photo to start the session BUT I believe there’s something better. There’s a style of family photography that photographers use for their own families, but non-photographers don’t even know about them. Most people don’t know what they are missing. I wan’t to show you. I need families willing to take a chance to let me create  a better kind of family portrait. Portraits that capture who your family is in a meaningful way. Photos that you will cherish when your kids grow up because they show your kids silly personalities or your love for each other.

So if it’s so great why free? Well, because no one knows to ask for these photos and they are hard to really describe, I need to SHOW people. So I need some families to capture so I can have samples to show how amazing these sessions can be.

lifestyle family photos

So what will a session look like?

Theres kind of 2 different aspects to the style I’m trying to create. A combination of what I call lifestyle and documentary.

Theres pure documentary photos which is basically what I’ve won so many awards for with my wedding work. This would be capturing your family being your family. Just living life and getting REAL candid moments of your family together. These are the portraits that you will cherish most when your kids get older. And these are the ones that are hardest to describe. No one knows they want them until they see them. But as soon as you get one of you and your family, you’ll be hooked. I promise

Below is a pure documentary image of my wife and first daughter that I will cherish forever 

Family Lifestyle

Family lifestyle portraits are a little easier to imagine for clients and they are photographed the same as I would shoot a wedding or documentary family but they have a little bit of a theme aspect to them. So for instance maybe you decide to go out for ice cream,  have a water balloon fight, or just play at the park.

So really documentary lifestyle photos are just you and your family living life or doing a fun activity together while I capture it. That’s it.

You in? good


I have some ideas and examples below. But don’t overthink it!

I can literally show up at your house on a random weeknight and get your kids running around like crazy while you try to cook dinner and still probably get something you’d love. But we can set something up a little more structured so you can relax. But the simpler and more real the better.


What kind of sessions am I giving away?

1-2 full day in the life sessions.

This is the one no one would ever think of, sounds crazy, but would make the most important photos for you and your family. We’d hang out all day and I capture all the little in-between moments of life. These require the least planning or thought. Just literally live your life and have a good day.

2-3 half-day documentary sessions. 

Less intimidating than the full day, I’ll spend a few hours with you living life. Morning routine, heading to the park on a Saturday and getting chick fila after, or just playing in the backyard before dinner time. Just real life with plenty of opportunities for real moments.

4-5  90 minute lifestyle sessions

This will be a little more structured since the time is shorter. Here’s where you plan a fun activity so we can set up an opportunity for good candids. (examples below)



When are the sessions?

I will be photographing between may in july but my goal is to do as many as I can in June as possible. Most people only have weekends or weeknights available so I will offer those. However, weekdays will be open as well.

How to get chosen?

I will choose mostly first come first serve until the spots are filled. Friends and previous clients first, however if you have a friend that’s a good fit then they can apply too and take any open spots. Also if you have any fun ideas or seem really excited to try pure documentary as well then your more likely to grab a spot.

Also, I’ll need you to agree to allow me to utilize the photos in my portfolio and marketing and maybe awards submissions.

What do you get

  • The photo session
  • Digital images
  • Discounts on print products
  • Discount on future sessions.


Session Ideas / Examples

Your ideas for what makes your family’s story unique are the best. Do what you like to do. But  to get the ideas rolling

  • Pure documentary of your routines
    • morning routine
    • dinner
    • playing outside after school
    • Nightime routine Etc
  • Heading to the pool
  • playing in the backyard
  • board game night
  • going out for ice cream
  • going to the playground
  • dress up time
  • going fishing
  • squirtgun/water balloon fight
  • picnic at the park
  • cooking together
  • art time


Sample Lifestyle/Documentary Portraits

I need you so I have more to share what I’m really after. But heres some that are kinda like what im going for.


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