I had several  atlanta area business clients back to back this week who were in need of business headshots for their websites. I did a standard styled studio lighting setup with a grey muslin background. I’d like to try to do some more location based corporate headshots in the future but I think I’ve got a good formula for basic clean simple headshots. I used a 42 inch softbox umbrella with a 430EXII as my mainlight. Then a 20 inch softbox for fill with a 530 EX. I used a yongnuo for the backlight and for the gel light. Used a blue and purple stacked rosco strobist gel for the backdrop. Joey Dillon who owns a high end personal training company called status athletic club, wanted something more casual. We shot a little looser and let him pose with more informal stance. I really liked the way they turned out. His company seems to be doing some cool things and if you are looking for elite training check them out.  The other client was Gwinnett Clinic which has many locations around gwinnett county and surrounding counties. We stuck to standard corporate style headshots for their websites.


















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