Maternity Portraits

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Capture That New Mom Glow
Atlanta Maternity Portraits

Basic information about maternity portraits in Atlanta.

When my wife became pregnant with my first daughter I felt like I fell in love with her all over again. I never thought I would find a pregnant belly as beautiful as I would when I saw one grow on the beautiful mother of my  children. You always hear about that “glow” that new mothers have as they carry a growing beautiful life inside of them, and I discovered that was true with her. One of my favorite photo shoots of all time was when I took my wife to Jekyll Island to try to find a scene beautiful enough to match how gorgeous I found her. I had so much fun capturing how amazing she looked as I fell more in love with her with each click. She wanted to have photos of our daughter in her belly so she could show her when she got older. After that maternity portrait session with my wife I realized I wanted to give that same gift to my clients. I want to capture that new mom glow so you can show your new baby how excited you were to bring them into the world.

I know you don’t feel like it as you grow , but being pregnant is one of the most beautiful times in your life, don’t let it go uncaptured and uncelebrated.


Maternity Session Information

What to expect in a maternity session

Maternity Sessions usually take about 45 minutes. However, if you have a wardrobe change or a more adventurous location you can take up to about an hour to make sure we take full advantage of the scenery. We try to find locations that are a little easier to navigate as we don’t want to hike a mile to get to the best spots! Typically moms buy a maternity gown to wear and a popular trend is to wear one with long flowy trains which are amazing to photograph. If you have a more casual outfit that is fine too and you could even do each.

I try to get a variety of portraits, from clean bright classic natural light portraits that focus on your belly and your smile, and a few scenic ones to show a beautiful mom in a beautiful place. And lastly I try to get 1 or 2 really creative artistic pieces to show off your glamorous side.

Props are not required and I do not provide any but many moms bring something cute like a sign or some shoes to help in making an announcement. So feel free to have fun and get creative!

Maternity Session Locations

You can definitely bring your own location ideas for your portrait session, but I can provide some help if needed.

Cator Woolford Gardens is one of my favorite maternity session locations, but stone mountain park is great as well. Some people want something more nature-focused and some want some architectural scenery. If you get at least the style idea down I can help pick a spot.

Feeling adventerous? Pick an exotic location like Jekyll Island or something local to Atlanta like Sope Creek Park

The Photographer

Joshua is an internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer who focuses on weddings but loves following up with past brides and grooms to capture important portraits in their life as well.



I have a simple and easy all-inclusive package that includes the session and all the digital images for download for 495. No need to guess how much you will spend after the session