I finally created my basement studio and I am pretty happy with it. I have carpeting in my basement and I wanted a wood floor and couldn’t afford to redo the whole floor and I didn’t want to ruin the carpet. I bought three packs of engineered wood flooring from home depot for 40 bucks and then bought two 4×8 sheets of plywood as the substrate. Not bad for less than 50 bucks considering all the fake studio floors you could buy were much more money and much smaller as well. I have a portable backdrop stand but plan on building in something to the  wall to hold multiple backdrops. I also converted the utility room into a prop storage room. The other cool feature I added was an old piece of molding that I nailed to a 2.4. The molding can be moved to cover the base of a backdrop and give a more finished look to the shots.[facebooksimplelike]

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