I decided to borrow some space on my little blog here to start recording fun times in my own life. Often My personal photography get’s stuck on my computer and so I thought I’ll start blogging my personal stuff so I can enjoy it on my blog like I do all the photos I do for work. If you enjoy them too then great. Sarah is a wonderful Graphic Designer and a natural visual artist. So I think she’s a natural for photography once she learns to work the camera. I decided to start getting out and practicing with her as a fun thing to do together and I look forward to her being better than me soon. I’ve always wanted to see Nashville for a while so when I heard Imaging USA was going to be there I figured hey what a great excuse to take the misses to check it out and get a little practice in. We had fun goofing around with the cameras for a day. We went to tour Hatch Show Print which has been doing letterpress concert posters for a lot of Nashville’s greatest for years. Anyone know where I can find some vintage presses?  Would be a fun hobby for the misses

GK6A1998 GK6A2000 GK6A2004 GK6A2012 GK6A2015 GK6A2022 GK6A2031 GK6A2050 GK6A2066 GK6A2087 GK6A2114 GK6A2131 GK6A2143 GK6A2145 GK6A2193 GK6A2209 GK6A2225 GK6A2233 GK6A2236 IMG_8196 IMG_8204 IMG_8213 IMG_8227 IMG_8245 IMG_8310 IMG_8321 IMG_8335 IMG_8368 IMG_8375 IMG_8378 IMG_8383 IMG_8388 IMG_8392 IMG_8395 IMG_8398

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