Roswell Family Photos

I had a great time with this family in Roswell capturing photos of their new family with their new beautiful baby Joanna. Her dad said that Joanna was their whole world and they wanted to capture how much they loved having her in their home rounding out their new little family. When you work with new babies its hard to know if you are going to get a baby whos ready for pictures or over it in a second, so we were so lucky that Joanna was having a great time and full of smiles. She was made for the camera! She is such a beautiful and happy little girl that made photographing this family so easy.

Home Lifestyle Family Portrait Sessions

I love getting to do portrait sessions in peoples homes because it adds a nice candid lifestyle feel. You get to get traditional portraits in a space that means something to the family, while also showing candids of the family together in their environment. It helps the family hold and capture memories of their life together verse just how they looked. Anyway I’m so glad I got to spend time with this family and I’d love to spend time with yours. You can get more info on family portraits here


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