Mike & Elizabeth Savannah Destination Wedding

I’ve always wanted to shoot a destination wedding in Savannah as it is probably one of my favorite city’s. So much history and beauty there. Mike is an old friend from Michigan State who recently moved to Atlanta and so I was pretty thrilled to get the chance to join him and Elizabeth for their intimate Savannah wedding. They wanted to keep it a simple no frills affair which worked out well as they had to reschedule their date after Hurricane Matthew caused the first one to be delayed. I think having to wait just made it more special and I could tell from the look on Mike’s face when he first saw Elizabeth that day that he was so excited that they  were marrying each other. I’m so glad that they let me spend the day with them around Savannah’s historic district and Wormsloe plantation all day as I had a blast making photos of a beautiful couple in a beautiful city. These two are truly nice wonderful people and i’m so happy for them. Anyway thanks for looking.


savannah-destination-wedding-1-of-40 savannah-groom savannah-destination-wedding-4-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-5-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-6-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-7-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-8-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-9-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-10-of-40 savannah-elopement savannah-destination-wedding-13-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-14-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-15-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-16-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-17-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-18-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-19-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-20-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-21-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-22-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-23-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-24-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-25-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-26-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-27-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-28-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-29-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-30-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-31-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-32-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-33-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-34-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-35-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-36-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-37-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-38-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-39-of-40 savannah-destination-wedding-40-of-40

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