Kendall is interested in learning photography herself and has experience posing for her grandmother so that made her so easy to work with. She was a natural and I think she looks great! Photos taken at main street Suwanee. NGHS Senior Class of 2014
IMG_0009_WEB IMG_0010_WEB IMG_0015_WEB IMG_0015-2_WEB IMG_0020_WEB IMG_0021_WEB IMG_0030_WEB IMG_0032_WEB IMG_0058_WEB IMG_0069_WEB IMG_0090_WEB IMG_0101_WEB IMG_0107_WEB IMG_0150_WEB IMG_0155_WEB IMG_0157_WEB IMG_0166_WEB IMG_0168_WEB IMG_0169_WEB IMG_9840_WEB IMG_9848_WEB IMG_9850_WEB IMG_9854_WEB IMG_9859_WEB IMG_9861_WEB IMG_9864_WEB IMG_9871_WEB IMG_9873_WEB IMG_9879_WEB IMG_9882_WEB IMG_9882-2_WEB IMG_9883_WEB IMG_9885_WEB IMG_9886_WEB IMG_9892_WEB IMG_9895_WEB IMG_9901_WEB IMG_9913_WEB IMG_9916_WEB IMG_9920_WEB IMG_9923_WEB IMG_9925_WEB IMG_9926_WEB IMG_9928_WEB IMG_9932_WEB IMG_9937_WEB IMG_9938_WEB IMG_9939_WEB IMG_9940_WEB IMG_9942_WEB IMG_9952_WEB IMG_9958_WEB IMG_9973_WEB IMG_9976_WEB IMG_9981_WEB IMG_9989_WEB

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