I’ve been using flash drives as my way of delivering files to wedding clients and it has worked out to be a great solution. I loved the look I had of my drives but I had a problem. A few of the drives I was using fell apart in the computer when I first used them. When I went to pull the drive out of the computer the port stayed and the rest of the stick came off! Soooooo needles to say I’ve been in the market for new flash drives. I saw my friend tony hoffer’s awesome custom flash drives made by usb memory direct so I thought i’d give them a shot. I started with a basic reproduction of my old drives with the silver and blue. I asked the folks over at usb memory direct if you could match my logo colors and they did that and had a design to me very quickly. That is the best part of their service is that they can literally make anything you want. I started with these solid more traditional ones but I’m considering making something cool and custom like tony did making a flash drive of just his logo. What do you guys think, swivel or a JG flash drive? When I got the swivel drives I decided to test their durability and tried to pull the blue plastic casing off of the usb port and could not. So yay no more supergluing drives back together for clients. The transfer speed was sufficient with over 4 mb/s on my computer and their pricing is reasonable especially since they are so custom. You can visit usb memory direct here and check out some of their cool custom flash drives here
usb Memory Direct


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