Moments Matter

My favorite thing about wedding photography is capturing moments, because moments matter. Here are a few of my favorite types of moments you can catch on a wedding day.

Having Fun With Your Best Friends

I love getting ready coverage, not for the cliche photos of getting makeup on your eyelids, but for the moments you have with friends and family. Like when you are just hanging out with your best friends and stuff gets a little crazy

Bridesmaids popping champagne


A Mother’s Pride

The other great part about getting ready time is the sweet moments you see between loved ones. One of my favorites is the smile a mom has on her face when she helps her daughter get ready.

mother Daughter admiration wedding

Mom admiring Daughter

Flower Girls Dreaming

The flower girls are always stealing the show with their adorable nature. Especially when you can see them admiring the bride and dreaming of their own day.

Flower girl admiring bride

Daddy’s Seeing Their Daughters

Doing a first look with dad is always a great chance to get beautiful moments. As a dad myself I love seeing the sweet moments between a father and daughter.

father daughter first look tears father hugging bride during first lookdaddy daughter first look

When Bridesmaids Seeing Your Dress

Bridesmaids are just as happy to see you in a dress as you are to be in one. First looks with them is a great way to get their reactions.

bridesmaid first looik Bridesmaids gasping during first look

A Brother Can Lose it Too


When She Gets A Gift From His Heart

Gifts from the heart always get the tears flowing and heighten the anticipation for her.

Bride crying when getting a gift from groom bride loving her groomsmen gift

Showing Love to the Flower Girls

Flower girls stealing all the spotlight, and all the love from everyone.

groom kissing flower girl

When Friends and Family Share a Prayer

Bridal party praying together

When The Groom First Sees His Bride

It gets me everytime a groom loses it when he sees his bride at a first look or walking down the aisle.

groom tears seeing bride ceremony groom seeig brideBride and groom first look

When the Couple is Just So Happy to Be Putting a Ring On It

bride and groom putting on the rings

When the Vows Make You Laugh and Cry

You know the couple really loves each other when they can’t get through their vows without choking up. It happened to me and I love seeing it happen to others.

groom-crying-during-vows Bride crying during vows

The Ceremony

The Ceremony is never short of cute moments.

mom crying during the wedding ceremony bride and groom kissing hands during wedding ceremony

When the Groom is Pumped

That’s right, she’s mine.

groom fist bumpgroom fist bump

When the Bride and Groom get a Quick Moment Alone

after the ceremony when the bride and groom leave the chruch theres always a few seconds where the bride and groom are all alone and can’t help but sharea a sweet moment together.

bride and groom after ceremony moments bride and groom post ceremony

When He Says Follow Me

So Happy to be Dancing as Husband and Wife

bride and groom first dance


The moments are over  when the reception starts. From sweet, to funny, to a little out of control. Everyone is just so happy for you that they can’t help but have a blast.

groom giving a speechmom son first dancereception bride and groompartying during wedding receptionNigerian Money dance Chatooga -Belle-Farms-Wedding (62 of 66)


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