Fortunately my business is getting to the point where I am getting clients that seem really excited about working with me which makes the job that much more enjoyable. Chris and Becky are definitely going to be one of my favorites for the year as they love photography and were easy to photograph. Chris said that they are always happy and goofing around which is definately a sign of a fun couple with staying power. I think their fun side showed in their session and I’m sure their weddign pictures will be even more awesome. We started the day at Piedmont Park becuase they love the midtown  atlanta skyline and that’s one of the best spots to see it. It felt like the first great spring day so it was perfect. Then we went to one of their favorite hangouts in west midtown which is a new favorite spot and is on my list of places I need to take the wife for dinner. I probably should soon before Charlotte comes! Anyway I loved their session and hopefully you will too. Thanks for looking.


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